The Best Heat Stress Monitoring System

Equivital is a company that has developed a specially designed harness. This specially designed harness is able to collect certain physiological information from the person wearing the harness. The information we receive from the harness lets us know how different environments effect the human body. This harness allows researchers to test the human body in the most extreme of environments. The Equivital Life Monitor is able to measure vital signs of the human body such as heart rate, respiration rate and skin temperature as well as activity and body position. Equivital has three different products TnR is used for researchers, Orann is used for Pharmaceutical clinical drug trials as well as Healthcare applications, Lastly Black Ghost is used for professional human safety and human welfare experiments in military and dangerous first response areas. These mobile models combine accurate human physiological data from the medical grade Equivital EQ02 LifeMonitor with communications, as well as software abilities to effectively review and record the stored information. The lifemonitor harness has already been used to gather information from over a thousand people.
The Equivital TnR model is able to provide medical grade data monitoring, It allows 24 hour monitoring and has a 48 hour battery life. It features an 8 GB memory allowing it to continuously record information for up to 50 days. It also includes software such as the Equivital Qiosk and eqView that allow you to view and analyze data that is recorded from multiple patients from multiple different sites. The software also provides interface to allow for added clinical data security. It also allows you to view live data trends. It enables you to view activity and energy expenditure. They have applications for both PC and for mobile android devices.
The Black Ghost model is used for military training purposes. It provides real time information to allow for critical decision making. The training system features real time circumstantial awareness. It is able to tell a solider’s geographical location, view geographical fencing and also features real time safety alerts and alarms from other soldiers in the same environment. The sensors on the harness worn by the soldier send the collected data to Black Ghost through a soldier’s radio, cellphone or other communication device,
The Orann model is geared towards the pharmaceutical and Medical device industry. The device collects real world human data. Real world human data is subject oriented data that is collected without any interference or bias. The harness is able to collect both subjective and objective data in an efficient way. This type of data can be physiological, patient reported, clinical data and environmental data. The continuous monitoring allows for the close studying of the adverse effects of certain drugs. It also allows for swift response of monitors if an adverse event occurs,
These monitors have provided many notable improvements to the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Military disciplines. The Equivital monitors allow for the safe and accurate collection of data in the most extremes environments, drug trials and other circumstantial conditions without compromising the well being of the subject.