Qualitech is your total metal component solution

Delivering quality and topnotch precision etched components to a variety of industries like automotive, electronics, fuel cell, battery, and electronics. The top on the line precision metal parts is being manufactured by Qualitech firm to its customers in a short time without flaw. The quality technology like photo etching providing metal parts that are precise to a variety of industries. The metal component service is delivered to a multitude of customers both in the UK and other parts of the world countries. The specific requirement of customers for metal components are exactly delivered by the Qualitech company in an exemplary way. The service of the company is now reaching instrumentation technology companies, broadcast instruments, medical companies, broadcasting, defense projects, and scientific companies.

The various services included in the Qualitech firm are photochemical etching, component forming, EDM wire erosion, CNC machine servicing, Metal stamping servicing, metal components, assembly work, metal laser cutting, presswork, and plating and finishing. A cost-effective precision etching process is the objective of the firm and is achieving the standards in an exemplary way. The range of metal thickness and lowest tolerances by including copper, nickel, steel for the customer getting only quality metal components for photo-etched parts.

The quality team of precision etching company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and hence several quality checking rounds are conducted before the metal reaches the customers. The ISO standards are maintained by the company for several years and hence reputation among customers who are using the services of qualitech. The availability of the latest etching equipment and technologies in our company makes the customers delighted. Highly accurate and cost low etching methods are followed by our team and at the same time, the delivery standards are of the world-class level. The use of flat sheet metal makes the work of the company highly competitive and state of the art.

The company deals with low and high company orders in terms of volume. The company deals with the order volume at the same level irrespective of the size. Hence, the customer base is strong and increasing gradually. The error-free and hassle-free precision etching method of Qualitech produces metals within +-0.010mm. The process of precision etching metal starts with cleaning followed by lamination, designing, printing and developing. The final process of etching is stripping and inspection tasks by an eminent staff of the team. The quality is achieved by the sheets like aluminum, steel, copper, brass, molybdenum, silver, bronze and also using ferric chloride for the process.

Separate etching processes like bronze etching, brass etching, aluminum, copper etching, molybdenum and silver photo etching process are taken by the qualitech company. The base material and enchant used by the company are premier and maintain the integrity of the metal. Moreover, the company uses calibrated equipment to measure the quality features of the final product. The whole precision etching process is carried out at high standards and controlled process. Hence, the qualitech remains atop in the list of etching companies in this world for several years. Indeed, exact quality for the industrial needs is achieved by qualitech metal company, which is a total metal component solution for all industries..