Pros and Cons of Laser Cut Keys

Due to increasing incidents of theft and lifting cars a new technology of laser cut keys has been developed to improve the security of automobiles. Though this new technique has ensured the safety of one’s vehicle but it has also forced the users to face various painful situations. In this write-up we are going to briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the keys made by laser cut.
Pros of laser cut keys
Hard to pick locks: Earlier car locks or door locks were broken and cars were stolen very frequently because the traditional locks were easier to pick. But, with the increasing popularity of laser keys, such incidents are reducing to a great extent. In fact, it is just impossible to pick the locks that can be opened only by using the keys made with new technology. Thus they provide additional security to your vehicle.
Keys cannot be used by others: Earlier people used to share the keys of similar model and make to open and run different vehicles. People also used to use their keys to enter into others houses, regardless of their purpose. But with the introduction of laser cut keys this has become impossible because they are entirely different. In this way, your vehicle gets additional security by using these new keys.
Duplicate keys cannot be made easily: Traditionally, every locksmith has equipment to make a new set of keys for your car or home if you have lost, broken or locked-in your keys. People also used such keys for committing various types of crimes including stealing cars or breaking into your home etc. Such things are not possible with the introduction of keys with laser cut as the equipment required to make these keys is very expensive as well as inaccessible for everyone. This reduced the number of incidents of car and home burglaries as making duplicate set of keys is not easily possible now.
Keys have transponders: The laser cut keys are programmed to be used for a particular vehicle or lock as they have transponders inside them. You cannot insert the key into a door lock to unlock it or ignition of the car to start it if the key does not have a transponder. This feature again reduces the chances of unauthorized copying of the keys and provides you additional security.
Cons of laser cut keys
Anything that has benefits usually has some drawbacks also. Similar is the case with laser cut keys.
Replacement of the keys: One of the most common problems faced by the people using laser cut keys is that it is very expensive for them to replace the keys if they have lost or broken them.
Everyone cannot make them: The second major drawback of laser keys is that it is not easy to find a locksmith who can make duplicate laser keys successfully.
Thus, laser cut keys have so many benefits but you cannot ignore the drawbacks associated to them. You should think over all of the pros and cons of the laser keys before switching over to them to enhance the security of your car or home.